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One Tank Trip: Reading Railroad Heritage Museum from WFMZ-TV


We have been recently in a PCN program filmed in August at the RRHM. Click HERE to watch.


Steaming Ahead into the World of Social Networking!

In addition to our web presence, which we've had for over a decade, the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum and Reading Company Technical & Historical Society are moving forward into the world of online social networking to spread the word about our historic preservation efforts. If you're a current Society member, you can visit the RCT&HS Members' Portal for news updates, downloads of the Crusader, and some online fellowship. In addition, we've recently launched a few Facebook pages focusing on various Society activities. In addition to checking out our principal site here for general news and announcements, visiting these Facebook pages is a great way to keep up to date on what's happening with these specific groups. Click on the links below to leave and jump to one of our Facebook pages. This is an ongoing effort, and more links will be added as pages are created. Surf on!




April 14, 2013 – Official Opening of Member’s Treasures Exhibit at RRHM. 


April 25 -28, 2013 – Modular RR and Sales table at Fair Lane Village Mall in Pottsville


May 18, 2013 – 5th Anniversary Celebration at Reading Railroad Heritage Museum


June 1-2, 2013 - Schuylkill Valley Sojourn – hikers and canoes travel down the river from Schuylkill Haven


June 14, 2013 - Museum Tour 11AM – Reading Children's Home



RCT&HS Member's Site


RCT&HS HO Scale Modular Layout Group - Facebook page


Project #3640 Restoration - Facebook page



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