RDG Co. Paint Colors Guide


We often get requests for paint colors to accurately restore Reading Railroad buildings and equipment. Our paint guide is a work-in-progress as we are seeking help identifying formulas used by the Reading. If you can provide us with any assistance, please e-mail us at info@readingrailroad.org


Determining paint colors is an inexact science. Paint colors vary with age and memory, and photos do not accurately reproduce colors. Getting this information together is a challenge, as careful records were not always kept for past projects. We cannot in any way guarantee results based on our recommendations. Use your own judgement and experiment. (Please note: the RCT&HS does not have the resources or staff to honor individual requests regarding specific modeling questions)


Rolling Stock–Prototype

    Pullman (olive drab) scheme: info to come
    Yellow/Green scheme: info to come
    New Green scheme: info to come
    Woodfield Green: (circa '45–'52, used on F units) DuPont Duco 246-6195
    Black: (circa '45–'52, used on F units) DuPont Duco 2234
    Imitation Gold: (circa '45–'52, used on F units) DuPont Duco 254-54388
    Freight Car Brown: info to come
    Caboose Red: info to come
    Gray: info to come
    Creme: info to come



    Brown: ICI-Glidden, Devoe Industrial Alkyd Enamel, #3118 Rich Brown, stock color
    Creme: ICI-Glidden, Devoe Industrial Alkyd Enamel, Cylinder Cream
    Mix is:   • Base 4308-0200   • YOX-10   • LFY-2P37   • FFR-21


Rolling Stock & Structures–Model

    Pullman (olive drab) scheme:   • FLOQUIL: Pullman Green (weathered look)   • SCALECOAT: Pullman Green
    Yellow/Green scheme:   • FLOQUIL: Reefer Yellow*/Dark Green or Southern Green
    • POLLY SCALE: Reading Yellow/Reading Green   • SCALECOAT: Reading Yellow/Reading Green
    New Green scheme:   • FLOQUIL: Southern Green/Reefer Yellow
    • MODELFLEX (BADGER): Reading Green   • SCALECOAT: Southern Green/Railbox Yellow
    Freight Car Brown:   • FLOQUIL: Boxcar Red   • SCALECOAT: Boxcar Red
    Caboose Red:   • FLOQUIL: Caboose Red and Roof Brown   • SCALECOAT: Caboose Red and Roof Brown
    Gray:   • FLOQUIL: D&H Gray   • SCALECOAT: D&H Gray
    Blue:   • SCALECOAT: B&O Royal Blue
    Creme (faded yellow):   • FLOQUIL: Reefer Yellow/Reefer White, mixed to suit
    Brown & Creme (structures):   • FLOQUIL: Depot Buff and Roof Brown


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