4-4-0 Peoples Railway, #3, “Shamokin”

Inside the Franklin Institute, date unknown. (photographer unknown)

Background & History

Popularly known today as “Peoples’ Railway No. 3”, this may be the second oldest extant Reading steam locomotive. Its original identity is unknown, but it was probably built in 1842 by Eastwick & Harrison for the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad and later sold to an industrial user. The Peoples Railway Company of Pottsville, PA purchased it from a private owner in 1873, and it came back under Reading ownership through the acquisition of the Peoples Railway by the Reading in 1923. Conveyed to the Franklin Institute in 1933.*[1]

Archival Photos

• Photos to come.

“Shamokin” Engine Specifications: *[2]
Builder: Eastwick & Harrison, Philadelphia, PA Cylinders (2): 12.75" dia. x 18" stroke
Date built: 1842 Cylinder horsepower: unknown
Wheels: 4-4-0 Boiler pressure: unknown
Length: unknown Tractive effort engine: unknown
Driving wheel diameter: 42.5" Tractive effort w/Booster: n/a
Weight on drivers: unknown Horsepower rating: unknown
Total engine weight: unknown Top speed: unknown
Total weight in working order: unknown Tender capacity: unknown
Grate area: unknown Fuel: Coal
*1 (info courtesy Steam Locomotives of the Reading and P&R Railroads by Edward Wiswesser)
*2 (info courtesy steamlocomotive.info)
(last updated: 6/03)