RDG Co. Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC-1) #9162

#9162 at Leesport, PA. (photo courtesy Tim Weidner)

Background & History

Funded by governmental agencies and leased to the Reading, 12 Rail Diesel Cars (RDC) cars Nos. 9151-9162 were purchased in 1962. Also acquired in that same year was Lehigh Valley car 40 that became #9163. Additional cars were again purchased from the Boston & Maine in 1965-1966. B&M #6109, #6295 and #6305 became Reading Nos. 9164-9166. The final two RDC’s purchased were RDC-2 combines, in which Reading installed snack bars at the baggage ends for use in the Crusader and Wall Street runs to Newark, N.J. In 1975, the Pennsylvania DOT purchased five RDC’s from Penn Central (former NYC and New Haven cars) and these became Reading Nos. 9167-9171 for use on extra trains to Valley Forge during the 1976 Bicentennial year.*

#9162 and sister #9162 were obtained from Metro Boston Transit Authority, where they were used as coaches, with one diesel engine left to provide heating, lighting, and air conditioning.

Archival Photos

RDC train at Hamburg, PA, October 1963. (photo courtesy C. Tharp)

Budd RDC-1, Phase II Specifications (as-built):
Builder: The Budd Company, Phila., PA Engine model: 6-110 Detroit Diesel (2)
Date built: December 1962 Type: 2-stroke diesel
Builder’s #: 7012 Aspiration: Centrifugal blower
Horsepower: 275 x 2 Cylinders: 6
Weight: ? lbs. Bore x Stroke: 5 x 5.6"
Tractive effort: ? Displacement: 660 c.i.
Length: ? Idle speed: ? r.p.m.
Capacities: ? Max. speed: 1500 r.p.m.
People: 132 Transmission: Torque converters, shaft final drive
Fuel: 110 gallons Brake system: SA-26
Water: 80 gallons Braking Air
*(info courtesy “Reading Company in Color,” by Bert Pennypacker, Morning Sun Books) (last updated: 4/03)