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The Reading Company Technical & Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that exists solely on the hard work, dedication and financial contributions of its members and corporate supporters. We rely on the dedication of our 1000+ members to pay the bills and to purchase and maintain our large and ever-growing collection of former Reading Railroad equipment and artifacts. Through countless hours of hard work over the last 25 or so years, we have amassed the largest railroad collection in the United States dedicated to a single railroad!


Currently, the Society is undertaking its largest project ever with the opening of a permanent home for our collection. The Reading Railroad Heritage Museum is an ambitious, ongoing endeavor that has so far relied on the collective support and cooperation of many individuals, businesses and organizations to make it a reality. As with any project of this scope and size, funding is always an issue. We welcome your personal or corporate financial contributions and support to allow the Society continue its goal in developing a world-class museum that showcases the Reading Railroad and its influences on society, business, technology and the environment.

How You Can Help:


Individual Donations and Support

Your generous donation of financial assistance, volunteer hours or historical artifacts (papers, tools, photographs, maps, etc.) enables us to continue our ongoing goals of education and preservation of Reading Railroad history. Individuals like yourself, who have a passion for railroading and history and are interested in preserving the legacy of the Reading Railroad, are our most important assets!


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Corporate Support

We rely exclusively on the giving of our membership and corporate sponsors to support the many projects, acquisitions and expenses that are done, made and incurred by the Society. Your corporate contribution of financial assistance, equipment or services will help ensure the continued development and growth of the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum.


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We are indebted to the many supporters, sponsors and suppliers who have offered their services, time and financial support to assist the Society in its various endeavors throughout the years. Many of our goals, projects and activities would not have been possible without the help of these organizations and businesses.


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