RDG Co. “Rider” Car, Class CVmx, #90893

At Leesport, PA (#90893 is on right).

Background & History

A complete wreck train consisted of a locomotive, a wreck crane, tool cars, and enough bunk and cook cars for personnel required for a particular wreck. Wreck cranes and tool cars were often stationed at strategic points along the railway line. Division terminals were considered strategic points because locomotives and engine, train, and wreck car crews were always available on call. Wreck train equipment had to be prepared for immediate movement. Ties, rails, spikes, and other repair materials are stockpiled at various points. An emergency supply of such items were also loaded in suitable cars and held with each wrecker as part of the wreck train.

Our rider car is from the “relief train” (as the Reading preferred) that was once stationed at Reading, PA. At the far end was a private office and toilet for the Wreckmaster. In the middle section was a bunk and lounge area for the wreck workers. At the near end, in the former baggage area, was a complete kitchen with a counter and stools. It will be part of our authentic recreated Reading relief train which will consist of the following:


Before restoration at Leesport, PA. (photo courtesy Tim Weidner)

In Fall '97, primer coats are almost complete. Notice the aluminum-framed caboose windows installed as temporary replacements. The Reading blanked most of the windows when the car was in relief train service. (photo courtesy Rick Bates)

In September 1998, repainting is nearly complete. Final green is being painted in around the outlines of the large numbers.

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