RDG Co., Wreck Crane Idler Car, Class GHdx, #90805

At Temple, PA, 1998. (photo courtesy Charles Murphy, Jr., MP&RE collection)

Crane idler car is normally coupled to our 250-ton Industrial Brownhoist crane to allow for clearance of the boom when transporting the crane. It is equipped with rail to hold spare trucks for repairing wrecked equipment. Tool boxes are also located along the sides to hold rigging and blocking to help secure the crane when in use. Currently numbered CR 45503, it will eventually be restored to green, joining other MOW equipment to recreate the wreck train once based at Reading.

RDG Co., MOW Gondola, Class GHdx #1, nee-#23016

Photo to come.

The lowest piece of non revenue equipment, though not offcial, was this gondola. It is significant as it was from a small group modified with containers for limestone and ferromanganese ore. Holes in the sides for access to operate containers also necesitated holes in the floor. For his purpose, it was classed GMla, Later it was again modified with two panels removed, to be loaded and unloaded from a dock with material to go from here to there.

RDG Co., MOW Gondola, Class GHrx, #96313

At Temple, PA, 1998. (photo courtesy Charles Murphy, Jr., MP&RE collection)

These class GHrx MOW gondolas were acquired second hand from the CNJ, reconditioned and used in revenue service for about a dozen years, then reassigned to non revenue service. To be restored into Reading MOW yellow.*[1]

RDG Co., MOW Flatcar, Class FMdx, #96611

At Temple, PA, September 2002. (photo courtesy Mike Shirk)

In another case of recycling, RDG 96611 began life as a class GMl gondola of the twenties. In the early thirties, rather than buy traditional flat cars, 44 were converted to class FMd for handling steel from Pottstown and Sheelton, PA to the west coast for the Golden Gate Bridge via the Port of Philadelphia. These were appropriately referred to in Reading Company correspondance as “Golden Gate” cars.*[1]Click here for a photo*[2]of this kind of flatcar used as an early autorack.

RDG Co., MOW Flatcar, Class FMex, #96615

At Temple, PA, September 2002. (photo courtesy Mike Shirk)

With the advent and efficiencies of welded rail, the Reading developed a welded rail train circa 1972. As is often the case, revenue cars were modified and redeployed. Class FMe flatcars, which were built in 1937 and featured uncommon (for that time) welded construction were converted to class FMex. The “x” suffix indicated the car was on the non-revenue roster. Note that the handbrake has been moved inboard from its traditional corner location. Shown next to turntable removed from Reading's Saucon Creek Terminal (located in Hellertown, PA). To be restored Reading MOW yellow.*[1]

*1 (info courtesy RDG Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment by Craig T. Bossler)
*2 (photo courtesy Josh Musser, Reading Railroad Page)
(last updated: 7/03)