RDG Co. EMD GP30, Class RSE-14, #5513

#5513 at Leesport yard, September 2002. (photo courtesy Mike Shirk)

Background & History

GP30, #5513, was built as part of an order of 20 such locomotives for the Reading. To present a new image along with a new locomotive, the Reading used this model to introduce a bright new “imitation gold and green” paint scheme. One of the series was even placed on display for commuters inside Reading Terminal. An important milestone in diesel locomotive technology, #5513 was the very first of 946 production GP30's built.

The Reading used its GP30’s all over the system, usually on fast freights and ore trains. They were also pressed into service during emergencies on the electrified commuter lines, and could sometimes be seen in Reading Terminal in Philadelphia. In 1964, the Reading renumbered its GP30’s into the 3600 series, to fit in with a possible merger with the B&O railroad; this unitbecame #3613. The B&O merger never happened, and the locomotive remained #3613 until the Reading’s merger into Conrail in 1976. Conrail renumbered the unit #2181, but never repainted it from the yellow and green (click here for the disposition of these units*).

#5513 also represents another milestone in that it’s the first locomotive purchased by the RCT&HS. We acquired the unit from Conrail in 1985, after a lengthy storage at Rutherford Yard in Harrisburg. It was restored to its original appearance at the former Reading Locomotive Shops in 1985, making it is one of only a handful of GP30’s preserved around the country. Soon after, it was used in freight and passenger service on the Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad often paired with ALCO C630 #5308. Unfortunately in 1991, this engine experienced problems with an ailing turbocharger clutch pack and was taken out of service before a catastrophic failure occured. Would you care to make a contribution to help once again return #5513 to service?

Archival Photos

#5513 masquerading as #3613 poses at Philadelphia, PA, November 1964. (photo courtesy David Nyce, Gary Steubben Collection)

EMD GP30 Specifications (as-built):
Builder: Electro-Motive Division, LaGrange, IL Engine model: 16V-567D3
Date built: March 1962 Type: 2-stroke diesel
Builder’s #: 27114 Aspiration: Mechanically-assisted turbocharger
Horsepower: 2250 Cylinders: 16 (Vee)
Top speed: 71 m.p.h. Bore x Stroke: 8.5" x 10"
Weight: 253,500 lbs. Displacement: 9,072 c.i.
Tractive effort: 63,375 lbs. Idle Speed: 275 r.p.m.
Length: 56' 2" Max. speed: 835 r.p.m.
Fuel: 1,700 gallons Transmission: DC generator, DC traction motor
Lube oil: 243 gallons Brake system: 26-L
Water: 251 gallons Braking: Air and dynamic
*(info courtesy Josh Musser, Reading Railroad Page) (last updated: 7/04)