Plymouth 12-ton, 24" Gauge, “Dinky” #319

Carpenter Steel #319 at Leesport, PA. (photo: Tim Weidner, MP&RE collection)

Background & History

Locomotive #319 is a Plymouth, 12-ton, 24" gauge, diesel locomotive with mechanical drive. It was purchased new by Carpenter Technology (Carpenter Steel) of Reading, and is typical of small industrial locomotives (often called “dinkys”) used inside many heavy industries. A fleet of locomotives like these were used to move steel billets around the Carpenter plant until just a few years ago. The locomotive is in very good mechanical condition and is operable.

Archival Photos

Photos to come.

Plymouth Specifications (as-built):
Builder: Plymouth (Fate-Root-Heath),
Plymouth, OH
Engine model: 4-71 Detroit Diesel
Date built: 1956 Type: 2-stroke diesel
Builder’s #: ? Aspiration: Roots blower
Horsepower: 125 Cylinders: 4
Gauge: 24" Bore x Stroke: 8.5" x 10"
Weight: 24,000 lbs. Displacement: 284 c.i.
Tractive effort: Not much! Idle Speed: ? r.p.m.
Length: Not much! Max. speed: 2000 r.p.m.
Fuel: 30 gallons Transmission: 3-speed manual, torque converter, chain final drive
Lube oil: 5 gallons
Water: 5 gallons Braking: SA-2 straight air
  (last updated: 4/03)