RDG Co. Extended-Vision Caboose, Class NEa, #94116

#94116 at Leesport yard, Spring 2002. (photo courtesy Mike Shirk)

Background & History

In 1970, the profile of Reading's cabooses radically changed with the introduction of ten cars (numbered 94100-94109, Class NEa), built by the International Car Co., Kenton, OH, Among the radical departures from the “Northeastern” style were the extended-vision cupola and welded construction. Ten more were built in 1971 (numbered 94110-94119, Class NEb). All cars wore the modern Reading green and yellow paint scheme. On startup day for Conrail (April 1st, 1976), Nos. 94110-94119 went to the D&H, and Nos. 94100-94109 went to Conrail. Conrail classed them as N-20 and renumbered them 22130-22139.These were the only extended-vision cabooses for both “Big Blue” and the Reading. *[1] *[2]

Archival Photos

Photos to come.

Extended-Vision Cabooses Specifications (as-built):
Builder: International Car Corporation,
Kenton, OH
Length over strikers: 39' 1-1/2"
Dates built: • 1970 (94100–94109)
• 1971 (94110–94119)
Carbody length: ?
Truck centers: ?
RDG #’s: 94100–94119 Carbody width: 10' 7-1/2" (between cupola sides)
RDG classes: • NEa  ? trucks
• NEb  ? trucks
Carbody height: ?
Cupola height: ?
Typical weight: 54,000 lbs.
*1 (info courtesy RDG Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment by Craig T. Bossler)
*2 (info courtesy Conrail Cabins & Cabooses)
(last updated: 6/03)