JANUARY/1999: Society Purchases Reading Class XLj Boxcar #20042

Twin of #20042, (#20003), at Temple, PA. (photo courtesy Rick Bates, MP&RE Collection)

In January 1999, our organization purchased Reading class XLj boxcar #20042 to join its twin in our collection, #20003. These cars were built by Pullman Standard in 1972 and delivered in solid green paint with jumbo “RDG” logo. These two were some of the last new boxcars built for the Reading. They were equipped with roller bearings, hydraulic cushioning units, and “DF” load restraints–the state of the art in 1972!

The car went to Conrail in 1976 and decline in demand for 50' boxcars made it obsolete. While most cars of this class were scrapped, #20042 survived as Maintenance of Way storage in the Conrail Yard at Lyons, NY, until we purchased it late in 1998. The boxcar is in very good condition and will be used for storage of parts and artifacts. Eventually we hope to use the car on photo freight trains.

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