OCTOBER/1997: ALCO RS-3 #485 Arrives, Giving Us Ten Locomotives

Photo of Reading RS-3 #485

Reading #485 disguised as Domtar #68, near Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. October 1996. (photo courtesy Paul Ganter, MP&RE Collection)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our tenth locomotive. Reading #485 arrived in Reading on 10/28/97, after exactly one year of arranging and negotiating for needed repairs and its movement from Canada. We will be working to stabilize the condition of the unit and acquire parts which will be needed if the unit is ever restored to service.

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OCTOBER/1997: Fall Trips are a BIG Success!

With publicity from the Reading Eagle newspaper and Berks County Museum Council, our trips for “Living History Weekend” were a tremendous success. Saturday and Sunday, October 25–26, we operated 8 trips for the public, carrying over 1100 passengers! The trips used ALCO C630 #5308, four of our coaches, and our Budd RDC car, and ran between Leesport yard and Temple Station. Switching assistance was provided by our oldest locomotive, NW-2 #103. With this success, we are seriously planning to add a similar weekend of trips to our annual schedule.

APRIL/1997: Reading Hook Arrives to Complete Our Wreck

Photo of CR #45214, formerly RDG #90901

Crane #90901 at Altoona, PA, April 1997. (photo courtesy Bob Airhart)

We are extremely pleased to announce we have just acquired Reading #90901, a 250 ton-capacity Industrial Brownhoist wrecking crane. Although currently disguised as Conrail #45214, the crane was built in 1956 for the Reading, and spent most of its life at the Erie Avenue Terminal in Philadelphia, PA. It is currently painted black with red safety striping, but plans are to eventually repaint it to the yellow/green scheme applied by the Reading in the late 1960s.

This acquisition completes our effort to preserve an entire, authentic Reading “relief train.” Other cars in the train are:

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JANUARY/1997: Sand Car Added to Our Collection

#93533 at Temple, PA, 1998. (photo courtesy Charles Murphy, Jr., MP&RE collection)

We have just received Reading two-bay hopper #93533. This car was originally used for hauling various bulk commodities, under the class LOf. It was later converted to class LOfx, and used to haul locomotive sand from southern New Jersey. Conrail was still using the car in this service until just weeks ago.

We believe this to be the very first car painted in READING SPEED LETTERING. We are very pleased to add this car to our growing collection of historic freight equipment. An article on this car is expected to appear in the February issue of the Crusader. If you are a freight car fan, please consider a donation to our freight car fund, as it makes acquisitions like this possible.

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