APRIL/2006: Reading Railroad Heritage Museum Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked many questions about our museum and our plans for expanding our museum activities. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

When will the Museum open?

The Reading Company Technical & Historical Society (RCT&HS) currently operates its museum at Temple Station located on Tuckerton Road in Muhlenberg Township. Rolling stock displayed there includes the 250-ton crane formerly used by the Reading Company to clear derailments. The Temple Station was formerly the Reading Railroad freight building in Frackville, PA. Displays of railroad artifacts, a model train display and gift shop are also featured. The museum and gift shop are open on Saturday and Sunday from noon–5 p.m. Equipment displayed outdoors can be viewed any time. Norfolk Southern trains operate on tracks adjacent to the property.

Additional RCT&HS rolling stock is displayed at Leesport at Canal and Wall Streets.

Isn’t there a plan to expand?

Yes, our vision of the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum System includes four main parts:

How far are the Museum plans now?

What’s next? How will the next steps be funded?

The RCT&HS has completed the Museum Development Study. The study was funded by a grant from the Schuylkill River Greenway Association, the Pennsylvania Heritage Parks Program, and the Federal Community Development Block Grant Program of Berks County. Several grants have been obtained to fund initial renovations of the Hamburg museum site. See the Museum Progress Report for updates.

Isn’t there a capital campaign, too?

Yes, a Capital Campaign among the membership is now drawing to a close. Support has been strong for the Founders Club. The money will be used as matching money for grants and to continue museum development efforts. We know that a strong effort among our membership to fund the museum will show other potential supporters that the RCT&HS believes that this project is important! There is still time to join the effort and have your name registered as a Founder of the Museum.

How can I be a part of the Museum project?

When will the museum be finished?

We hope that we will never finish improving the way we tell the story of the importance of the Reading Railroad. The project, as we see it so far, will take time. The Society has spent 25 years assembling its wonderful collection. It will take time to bring the plans to reality.