Railroading Merit Badge Instruction - Class Agenda

Schedule for the Day


10:00-10:15: Arrival and Registration
10:15-10:25: Introduction & Completion of Blue Cards & Explanation of Time Saver Layout Contest
10:25-10:50: Introduction to Freight Railroads
10:50-11:15: How a Train Develops Power, Dynamic Breaking, & Radial Steering Trucks
11:15-11:40: The formation of Amtrak & Planning a Trip Using a Time Table
11:40-11:50: Ten Minute Break
11:50-12:10: Various Forms of Public/ Mass Transit
12:10-01:10: Operation Lifesaver
01:10-01:40: Lunch


Model Builders:
01:40-02:00: Build Model
02:00-02:35: Signals & Layout
02:35-03:25: Yard Tour


Non-Model Builders:
01:40-02:35: Yard Tour
02:35-03:25: Signals & Layout


03:30-03:45: Test
03:45-04:00: Completion of Blue Cards

Scouts are welcome to tour the Museum during lunch!


Ground Rules

1. Use the buddy system.

2. A Scout is COURTEOUS, Respect the instructor and classmates by being quiet during class, paying attention and taking notes.

3. Good conduct while touring the Museum and at Lunch.

4. Have Fun!

5. A Scout is CLEAN, please pick up after yourself.


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