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The Reading Company Technical and Historical Society (RCT&HS), an all-volunteer non-profit organization of more than 1000 members, was incorporated in 1976 and has assembled one of the country’s largest collections of artifacts and equipment relating to a single railroad. The collection includes more than 70 significant examples of the Reading Company’s locomotives, freight, passenger, training and work equipment, and tens of thousands of documents and photographs pertaining to the railroad’s people, facilities, equipment, and operations. The hundreds of artifacts in the collection include tools, signals, train-dispatching boards, and a 100-foot turntable.

To house this large collection, the RCT&HS is developing the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum. Its mission is to preserve, display and interpret to the public the history and significance of the Reading Railroad. Based in Hamburg, the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum is planned to eventually consist of four interpretive centers, a scenic rail excursion connecting the centers and many other exciting initiatives.

What is a Corporate Member?

A Corporate Member is a business which actively supports the RCT&HS and its efforts to develop the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum. Corporate membership offers the opportunity for a business to be involved in this exciting ongoing project. The Reading Railroad Heritage Museum will enhance the quality of life in the communities of Berks and Schuylkill Counties as it interprets the influence of the Reading Railroad along the Schuylkill River.

What are the benefits of Corporate Membership?

Corporate Membership is available for $150 per calendar year.* We welcome you to the growing list of businesses contributing to this important community effort to preserve our heritage. Sign our business up!

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