Reading Co. Photo Gallery - Trackside & ROW


Simple truss bridge, riveted, Fourth Street, South Bethlehem, Pa., built 1908 for the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. (photo courtesy Pennsylvania State University Library Bridge Collection)


Simple truss bridge and viaduct, Shepps Dam Crossing, Pa., Reading Belt Line, 1902?. (photo courtesy H. B. Harmen, Pennsylvania State University Library Bridge Collection)


Exact words on photo back by unknown author: “Old stone arch bridge near Hamburg, Berks County, PA on South Mountain Railroad or also called the Vanderbilt Railroad. The arch was completed, but the embankment was not. All work was stopped when this road was purchased by the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. I saw this arch in 1883 while making surveys for the P.S.V. Railroad. I saw it again in 1936 on my way to Kutztown. In 1883, we placed a line of stakes on the old road bed near Port Clinton, but the P&R Railroad had ties and rails on it and on our stakes early next morning. What we did was bluff as the P.S.V. Railroad wanted the other side of the river and finally got it. This arch is over 100 ft. long and as may be seen, splendid masonry. As noted, above it I saw it in 1883 and it had been abandoned at least 40 years prior, trees over a foot thick on the bank.” (submitted by: John Crockett)



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